I am fine artist specializing in art for the home and commercial spaces.
My commissions include original paintings, cards&stationery and prints for you and your loved ones.

makissima art my illustrated life


Chiara Santillozzi is an illustrator and the fine artist behind Makissima.

Everything has started in my grandmother’s kitchen with a coffee-jar as pencils holder and few crumpled sheets: like many children I always had fun drawing and messing with colours. Drawing was my way to CONNECT with people and still is.
Now I move between traditional and digital media, working primarily with coloured pencil, ink and watercolour, and sometime combining them with digital collage.

I find inspiration in mythology and literature, fairytales and characters from the world around me, with a specific and dedicated passion for FEMININE PORTRAITURE.
My art is all about sharing a moment of beauty and happiness, is about telling a story, and to me nothing tells more about passion and mystery than women's faces and bodies. And Nature gives the perfect atmosphere through which my women move and feel at ease, being it playing with flowers and birds, swimming in the sea or being in the outer space.

makissima art what i believe


I pour all my heart into every detail of my work and my wish is to make something that will light up your eyes, and make your life happier and a bit more intriguing.
I love to work with people to find THAT piece of art that will be at the same time satisfying and empowering FOR YOU.
So whether you want something to pamper yourself with after a difficult time, to surprise a beloved one, to remind friends how special they are, or just choosing to give new fresh uniqueness to your house, I am here to create it for you.
Because art is for everyone who has eyes to see and a heart to feel.

And I believe you have a sensitive heart and curious eyes which long for beauty and magic. So we are together in this.

Makissima is me, and also something else.

Makissima is about LOVE.

makissima art what they say about me

You said about me

"Working with Chiara was a pleasurable experience. She is an artist in every sense of the word. I approached her to design three Moleskine covers about the life of Joan of Arc. I gave her some initial direction, but asked her to use her artistic discretion.
The process is worth highlighting, as she researched Joan and then took some risks with her initial sketches. Two of them were superb and above anything I expected. However, I was not sold on the third.
I pushed Chiara with some new direction and she was very receptive. The result was a third Moleskine cover just as magnificent as the other two.

The relationship between an artist and the buyer does not have to be a tenuous one, but it takes a good artist seeking direction to ensure it goes well. Chiara is all those things and more." - Scott Manning